Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hop, The Following Suitcase

The Hop is a robotic suitcase that lets you go hands-free at the airport. Via the Bluetooth connectivity in your phone, the suitcase can follow its owner all on its own.

YouTube link

(thanks Miss Rare)

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Hundewanderer said...

I'd like to say nice concept.

It seems to be a slow mover, the man is strolling slowly.

In my world, my connecting flight leaves in 2 minutes, the gate is 1/4-mile away in a crowded airport, and I've been given 30 seconds to get to my gate. I don't think the suitcase would be able to keep up.

Just sayin'

NotMarian said...

Can it beat up the person who tries to steal it from the man who thinks it's following him?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can strap one on to your kid so he don't get lost